Port Credit woman’s dog attacked

Elisabeth Wirsching’s 54th birthday was not a happy occasion.
The Port Credit resident received an unusual call from her ex-husband a few minutes after he picked up their dog for his usual Friday morning walk in Mississauga’s Saddington Park.
“He told me our dog Teddy had been attacked and there was blood all over,” said Wirsching. If your pets are under attack, we are the best dog attack lawyer can help with that

It was just after 7 a.m. and Larry Boyle, 61, was enjoying the beautiful early morning weather, Teddy, Wirsching’s 5-year-old Wire Hair Terrier, was walking with him on a leash.
Suddenly, a woman started yelling at Boyle, warning him to pick up his dog. Before Boyle could realize what was happening, two large German Shepherd-mixes had pounced on Teddy.

The attacking dogs were running free.

“They teamed up on Teddy and worked as a team,” said Wirsching. “One went for the throat and the other for his abdomen. They were going for the kill.”
Meanwhile, the owner fled the scene once it was over.

Despite having suffered several severe puncture wounds and with blood soaking his coat, Teddy ran home. Wirsching opened her door to find him on the porch.
“It was the worst birthday present I could have ever gotten,” said Wirsching, who rushed her beloved pet to a veterinarian, who stitched up the dog.
Once Teddy was safe, Wirsching and Boyle went to a Peel Regional Police station and filed a report.

Const. Anthony Price said they were hard-pressed to provide a detailed description of the owner of the German Shepherds.
“And unfortunately, there’s no video surveillance in the park that caught the attack on camera,” said Price.

Price advised dog owners “keep their dogs on a short leash and make sure they’re not associating with any dogs they don’t know or feel comfortable around” to avoid such situations.

But Wirsching points out her dog was on a leash and the attack was unprovoked. She just wants people to be aware there’s “an irresponsible dog owner” in the area “so the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else.”
Wirsching added she’s since spoken to two witnesses of the attack. She hope they will contact police to provide them with a description of the owner of the attacking dogs.

“Teddy’s going to be okay, but it was heart breaking to see him like that … especially on my birthday,” said Wirsching, adding she hopes anyone else with information comes forward.